Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surviving the Parents and Target Dollar BINging

Sorry I've taken so long to post! I had meet the teacher nights this week, and met lots of parents for those busy kindergartners and second graders. I wasn't sure how to introduce myself at first to the parents, and was super embarrassed when they announced who I was in front of all of the K parents! Then we went back to the teacher I will be working with 2nd's classroom. Parents came and went and I pretty much just stood there feeling very out of place. Some of the parents came up to me so I quickly explained that I would not be there child's teacher and that I would be student teaching in October. It seemed weird to meet the parents at this time, but it never hurts to start parent-teacher communication early. The next night I was able to have a more casual come and go time with my 2nd grade cooperating teacher. She started out introducing me to parents, but as more and more came I had to take it upon myself to go up to all of the parents. I don't know why I was so nervous, but it definitely went much smoother than the previous night. I missed a few of the parents because for some unknown reason I couldn't work up the nerve to talk to them. This brings me to goal number one of my student teaching experience: "I will be comfortable in the classroom and confident in interacting with parents."

On a more interesting note, I have recently found the most exciting place to shop for teacher stuff....that's right TARGET! Target has these really cool dollar bins that are out all year round, but once a year near the start of school it becomes a teacher's paradise. Check out all of the stuff I got! Most all of it was only $1 a piece, even the dry erase boards!!

large view of all my goodies!
dry erase board class schedule, magnetic letters/numbers, smelly stickers, foam cylinders, good work stamps, hanging shoe holders...
dry erase boards, math bingo, nameplates, teacher plan book, good work stamps....
hanging shoe holders, student materials cups, smelly stickers, small pocket charts, magnetic letters/numbers...

If you need any teacher goodies it is never too early to stock up and I highly recommend you go on your on BINge soon!

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  1. I am always looking through those isle's. Especially now whenever they are putting out more stuff for school! I am going to have to stock up now after I figure out what I need.