Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food For Thought

I got lucky enough to go to dinner with the Kindergarten team tonight and I loved getting to hear their stories and how their classrooms are going. I know that teachers have to vent their frustrations and I do not think that these teachers did anything wrong. But the more they kept talking about problem children the more my mind kept wandering. The whole night I just kept thinking, "Lord, what is going on in these kids' lives to cause all of these behaviors in Kindergarten?" I mean a lot of the students they were telling me about either had behavior issues or low academic levels and these are some wealthy students. Then it hit me that many parents are not spending the time with their child to help them be successful. It is not the job of the school to teach students to say please and thank you...but they can reinforce it. It is not the job of the school to teach right decisions from wrong decisions...but they can reinforce it. It is not the job of the school to instill values in these students...but they can reinforce it. How tragic will this society become if public school is the only place these students hear about morals, politics, or Jesus and His saving grace (and I know they don't get to hear about that from teachers)? I believe that these children deserve to have teachers that can love on them in the name of the Lord. They deserve teachers that care what the underlying issues are instead of judging them on their behaviors. And they definitely deserve a family supporting them. Some teachers talk about students with Autism in a negative light, but they too need love and support, like any other child. It pains me to think that one day, I might forget that there is a little child behind all of those antics that desperately needs the Lord. I pray that I can hold on to this compassion as a teacher and try to help students deal with life. I heard a song playing on the radio on my way home, and it just summed all of my feelings up: "Hope is here, What a joyful noise we'll make, As we join with heaven's song...To let all the world know that Jesus saves. Raise a shout, To let all the world know that Jesus saves. Free at last, Every debt has been repaid, Broken hearts can be remade, Jesus saves, See above the storms of life, See it through the darkest nights, Jesus saves." <3 God bless!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little bummed....

Last week I was shocked to hear a teacher tell me, "You can pretty much forget about everything they taught you in college." Sadly, in most school districts this statement is completely true. Last week I came to the realization that I will most likely not get to teach exactly the way I was taught. It is hard to sit and watch students who are indeed learning, however, see where what I was taught in college could be beneficial. Even more shocking was when another teacher told me she was having to attend classes for foundations of reading and foundations of math. HOLD ON A SECOND....back up! Yes she is having to take foundational courses....sounds a lot like courses I have already worked hard in and paid for! What was the point of going to college and attaining my degree if I have to be taught how to teach reading and math? Hopefully I will be able to find a district that allows me some freedom in the way I teach mathematics and other subjects as I have first hand knowledge of the effectiveness of writing workshop, reading workshop and math workshop. Another thing I have come to realize this week is that all of these workshops look different in other teachers' classrooms. Workshop is a very broad term and is used in that same sense. After discussing this issue with my husband he gently replied, "Every company trains their employees." Trust me, I have a lot to learn, but my husbands insight really helped me to turn my perspective. Instead of being doom and gloom, I need to work hard and implement what I have been taught at the right moments. I also have A LOT to learn. I can admit that :) I see the value in team work and cooperating with fellow teachers in planning lessons. I see students learning. I see teachers desiring for their students to improve in attitude and in aptitude. Maybe this is a school I could teach at. And maybe one day I will be able to share some of my experiences and slowly evoke change.

P.S. My mother in law suggested I look into having an SFA charter school in Houston....I can dream!