Monday, August 23, 2010


Okay this topic is so important that it requires its own separate post! I have newly discovered and am now newly addicted to....drum roll please.....VISTAPRINT!! I have never seen so many amazing possibilities for so cheap. I can make desk name tags, and rules posters, and student info cards....the combinations are never-ending and customizable! I had to post pics of all of the goodies I ordered. I must warn you however, before you go discovering Vistaprint, be prepared to stay up long hours creating countless materials and paying a large sum for shipping. I was able to get all of my items free, but the shipping was around $35. To really learn the in's and out's of Vistaprint it is vital that you check out and the group Vistaprint Addicts. Trust me once you get started you will quickly become an addict yourself at the expense of all those around you :)


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