Monday, August 23, 2010

Can you say flexibility?

Wow! Today I survived my first day of school! It was so surreal being on the teacher side of things and I found many SFA ideas flooding my brain. I was amazed at how much at ease I felt stepping up in this new role of student teaching and I almost walked away with a teacher badge...too bad the machine was broken. There are 20 students in my classroom and I can already see the many different temperaments, interests and abilities. It's almost comical to me when the students try and test me, because I am very used to that from all of my babysitting! God definitely knew how to prepare me. I found myself praying for certain students...praying for their home life, praying for their attitude...and then it hit me, God is so patient with me. No matter how many times I mess up, rebel, and even throw fits, God still loves me and is always patient! Who am I then, to pray that he changes these children to better serve me? God created them all unique and special and for varying purposes. I realized in that moment of praying to change those students that I needed to instead pray that God change me! I began to pray that God would grant me patience when I feel like I have none left, and that he would give me understanding. I was able to meet the principle today and get my foot in the door. I am really hoping that I will get hired on in January, but I also had to remind myself that God has it all in control and his word says that His will for me is good, pleasing and perfect. If I don't get a job immediately that's okay....He has perfect timing and He knows what He wants with me. If I do get a job immediately then I know that God is the God who see's me and that He knows my heart and chose to bless me tremendously. If I ever doubted my place in the classroom, today, the day that should've been extremely stressful, I felt at ease and that I was right where God wanted me. I have a peace now about teaching and cannot wait to continue finding out all that God has planned for me this semester. I contacted my site coordinator today....actually my touch phone called her on and off from about the time of 10:40-11:50 all on its own. Imagine my horror when I survived my first day of student teaching to find that I had "prank" called, essentially, a teacher that holds the power to pass/fail me! I called her up and was surpised at how down to earth she was. She asked me how my day was, and chuckled when I said, "I definitely learned what it means to be flexible!" God is so good to me and I am excited to have finally started the descent on my journey to becoming a teacher!

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