Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gearing Up for A New Year

I can already feel the excitement in the air as I await my new students and classroom set up time. I am ready for this year to be better than the last, as every year should. I was even perusing and stumbled back into my Vista Print obsession! I love being able to be creative and help my classroom at the same time. I have gotten my class list, seen my room again (which now has tables!!!), bought many things over the summer for the room, set up my website, edited my beginning of the year letter, and on and on the list could go. There is so much prep work for school, but I know that the more I do now, the less stressful my job will be later. God showed me that as I prepare for my class, He is preparing me spiritually for the battle at hand. I am so grateful for a God that cares about me, is patient with me, and sees my needs. This was very evident at high school camp this year. I digress...

...I was appreciative of the opportunity to minister to my 10th (make that 11th grade) girls this year. However, similar to my previous post, God is still teaching me. I love that I can still go to camp and learn along with my girls! Anyays, during one of my quiet times, I decided to commit to God that I would read my Bible all the way through this year. As I had finished praying and started to read in Genesis I saw something flying by my leg. I moved frantically thinking it was a bug! When I looked back at the unidentified flying object, I saw a feather slowly floating to the ground. This however was no ordinary feather. It was a baby feather. How cool is that?!? I had just prayed that I would mature in my faith by reading my entire Bible, and I felt like the feather represented that maturation process. Just as birds slough of feathers as they get bigger, I was getting rid of my old immature christianity and trading it in for a life even more wrapped up in Christ. Again, I am so grateful for a God that cares about me, is patient with me, and sees my needs...

...Originally, I was just going to post about my Vista Print creations, but as always God has shown me that He has more to share. Gearing up this year has been so much more relaxing with my perspectives in the right place. My goal this year is to first of all put God first at everything. I have already had the urge to think I know all I need to know or that I am prepared on my own, and thankfully God is very patient and keeps bringing me back. My other goal is that I can get a handle on organization and time management. I know that may come as a shock to some, but as organized as I thought I was last year...I wasn't :) Well without further adieu, here are my VP creations! God bless!


  1. Wow! I love, I mean LOVE, your VistaPrint creations. They're pretty and functional. Your "Why Shouldn't We Skip Our Nightly Reading" card is a GREAT idea.

    I hope you have a fantastic new school year. Your students (and families) are blessed to have you as a teacher.

  2. thank you bonnie! they take a lot of work, but in the end save me lots of time and turn out professional looking :)

    What are you up to this school year?